Monday, July 14, 2014

The Stare

Hey Everyone,

The Stare came to be when a little while ago I saw this techno viking concept online by Alexander Ovchinnikov and I decided to give it a go and have fun with it. Unfortunately I couldn't work on him every night but I still like how it turned out for now, I'm sure i'm going to hate it by tonight, haha. Like always I try to learn as much as i can with every piece i create and the knowledge gathered here will be use wisely in future works. I still hope you get a kick out of this image and that you have great day.

Thank you. 

1 comment:

yk3d said...

Hey Eric- awesome work and really inspirational. I was wondering how you get your edge loops for the clothing seams to stay in place after sculpting in zbrush, since usually they lose their shape after going back down the subdiv levels?